Surreal and Dj Balance
Style: Jazz/Rap

Ta ai mais um play bacana, pra quem curtiu o outro disco do Surreal e Sound Providers, esse aqui também vale a pena.

Surreal and Dj Balance - Future Classic

01. Intro
02. Rebirth Of Skill Rebirth Of Skill
03. Each Step
04. Car And A Job (feat. Ohmega Watts / Sojourn)
05. One Man Band
06. Can't Stop The Bumrush
07. Moment In Time
08. The Proof (feat. Absalom)
09. What It Is?
10. Writing 101
11. Permanent Ink (feat. Braille / Sivion)
12. Speak Facts
13. Yeah Boy (feat. Theory Hazit)
14. Let The Horns Blow

Click no link para baixar o disco [+]
Passw: Makumba

[Ouvindo: Sookie, Sookie - GRANT GREEN - Blue Note (11:02)]

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