Surreal and The Sound Providers
Style: Jazz/Rap

Ta ai outro disco da hora do Sound Providers e Surreal; O esquema ta firmeza.
Pra quem não baixou os outros 3 discos, ta ai o link [+]

Surreal and The Sound Providers - True Indeed [2006]

1. Introduction
2. Just Getting Started
3. The Lesson
4. Push On
5. They Call Me
6. Truth Be Told
7. Place To Be
8. A Night To Remember
9. Walk In The Park
10. Gifted
11. LIfe And Rhymes
12. True Indeed
13. The Rundown

Click no link para baixar o disco [+]
Passw: Makumba

[Ouvindo: Ch-Check it Out - Beastie Boys - Solid Gold Hits (3:10)]

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