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Jungle Brothers - I Got You (2006)

1.We Love You JBS 8.Take It Back
2.Beats On A String 9.Come Down
3.Funky Magic(Jungle Brothers vs Skeewiff) 10.My Street On Fire
4.I Got You 11.Organic
5.Back On The Road 12.Somebodys Watching Me 2006
6.Let's Take It Back To The Old-School 13.Sunshine
7.Down Right Funk On Cruise Control

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Jungle Brothers - Straight Out the Jungle

01. Straight Out The Jungle
02. What's Going On
03. Black Is Black
04. Jimbrowski
05. I'm Gonna Do You
06. I'll House You
07. On The Run
08. Behind The Bush
09. Because I Got It Like That
10. Braggin' And Boastin'
11. Sounds Of The Safari
12. Jimmy's Bonus Beat
13. The Promo

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