Dr. Dre - First Round Knock Out

1. First Round Knockout Intro
2. Deep Cover (Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg)
3. Bridgette (The D.O.C. previously unreleased rare track)
4. Nickel Slick Nigga (featuring Kokane)
5. Requests
6. He's Bionic (Dr. Dre on lead vocals)
7. Juice (featuring The World Class Wreckin' Cru)
8. Funky Flute (lead rap by Dr. Dre)
9. Nicety (featuring Michel'le and rap vocals by Dr. Dre)
10. Indo Freak
11. Turn Off The Lights (featuring Michel'le and Dr. Dre)
12. Who's Phuckin' Who?
13. The Sex Is On (featuring Po Broke and Lonely)
14. It's Not Over (performed by Rose Royce)
15. The Fly (lead vocals by Dr. Dre)

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Passw: lbc21street

[Ouvindo: Jardin d'Eden - Mc Solaar - Mach 6 (2:45)]

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