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Queen Latifah, com certeza uma das melhores rappers que já existiu.
Hoje em dia ela tá meio farofa e tal, mas antigamente o esquema era outro.
Se liga nesse clip da Queen Latifah das 'antigas'.

Queen Latifah - Dance For Me

Queen Latifah - All Hail the Queen

1. "Dance for Me"
2. "Mama Gave Birth to the Soul Children" (with De La Soul)
3. "Come into My House" (with Quasar)
4. "Latifah's Law"
5. "Wrath of My Madness"
6. "The Pros" (with Daddy-O of Stetsasonic)
7. "Ladies First" (with Monie Love)
8. "A King and Queen Creation" (with 45 King)
9. "Queen of Royal Badness"
10. "Evil That Men Do" (with KRS-One)
11. "Princess of the Posse"
12. "Inside Out"
13. "Dance for Me [Ultimatum Remix]"
14. "Wrath of My Madness [Soulshock Remix]"
15. "Princess of the Posse [45 King Remix]"

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Queen Latifah - Nature of a Sista

1 Latifah's Had It up 2 Here
2 Nuff' of the Ruff' Stuff
3 One Mo' Time
4 Give Me Your Love
5 Love Again
6 Bad as a Mutha
7 Fly Girl
8 Sexy Fancy
9 Nature of a Sista'
10 That's the Way We Flow
11 If You Don't Know
12 How Do I Love Thee

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