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Atomic Cafe - Music From The Original Soundtrack, Plus Music Inspired By The Film
Style: Rare Jazz

1 "Troublemaker" by John Cameron,
2 "Voodoo Love Dance" by Melvyn Price,
3 "Do Whatever Sets You Free" by Gus Giordano,
4 "Chili Mac" by Preston Love,
5 "La Folla" by Solar Plexus,
6 "A New Generation" by Oscar Brown Jr & Jean Pace,
7 "Jungle Root by Dick Schory,
8 "Dancer" by Gregory Charles Royal,
9 "Zazueira" by Meta Roos,
10 "Jody's Freeze" by James Reese & The Progressors.

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[Ouvindo: Deep Gully - Outlaw Blues Band - (5:39)]

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