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Rare Funk Vol 3 - Soundtrack Edition

Shaft in Africa - Johnny Pate
Final Comedown - Grant Green
Willie Dynamite - J-J Johnson
Dirty Harry - Lalo Schifrin
New Era - Wade Marcus
Almas Irmas - Donato
Get Off the Streets - Eric and the Vikings
Blow Up - Herbie Hancock
Malick - Lafayette Afro-Rock Band
Strung Out - Gordon Staples
Tag - Dave Cortez
Jagger Dagger - Eugene Mcdaniels
Mouth of the Fish - Stu Gardner
Riot - Devorzon
Savage - Don Julian

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Rare Funk Vol 4 - Soundtrack Edition

Shaft in Africa Pt 2 - Johnny Pate
Hot Pants Road - Ocho
Blind Man - JBs
Minnesota Thins - Mike Manieri
Memphis B-K - Little Sonny
Booty Butt - Ray Charles
Bullitt - Lalo Schifrin
Mandrill - Mandrill
Gordon's War - Horace Ott
Streets of S.F. - Henri Mancini
Cheeba Cheeba - Mighty Tom Cats
Now is the Time - Darrow Fletcher
Rollerball - Andre Previn
Every Bro Ain't A Bro - Gary Byrd

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Rare Funk Vol 6 - Mod Funk Edition

It's Your Thing - Dennis Coffey and Lyman Woodwa
Shimmy - Tousaint Mccall
Trouble Maker - John Cameron Quartet
Jungle Fantasy - Sam Most
Hippy-Skippy Moon Stomp - Moon People
98 Percent Plus Tax - Detroit City Limits
Chili Mac - Preston Love
For the Love of Money - Elliot Fisher
Why Did You Do it - Stretch
Jimmy Bean - Ellen Mcllwaine
Do Whatever Sets You Free - Gus Giordano
Back to Funk - Robert Lowe
Make it Reggae - Dynamics

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